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Spring/Summer Baseball 2024
Apr 1, 2024 to Jul 27, 2024
Regular Registration
Late Registration (Starts May 01, 2024 @ 12:00 am)
Between Pre-Kindergarten and Grade 12
Born between May 01, 2015 and April 30, 2018

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Rookie teams will generally have 1 indoor and 1 outdoor practice per week, falling on the same weeknights each week, from May through July. The days of the week of practice will be chosen by the coaches of each team. Through most of May, teams may elect to have a 3rd practice each week, likely on a Saturday, prior to games beginning. Games will begin in late May or early June and run through late July. Teams will have 2 games a week on average, 1 on a weeknight and 1 on a Saturday, during this time, for a total of 10 regular-season games. They will also likely have 2-3 tournament games in each of the 2 tournaments held in this division. 

The Rookie division is for players who are 6 to 8 year's old, as of 1 May of the current year. 6-year-old players who have played at least one season of T-Ball are recommended to play in the Rookie division. 

The Rookie division keeps scores and standings. Tournaments will be seeded based on the division's standings. 

Teams will generally have practices or games on at least 3 different evenings each week, plus most Saturdays, once games begin. There are no scheduled league events on Sundays, but weather has occasionally caused events to have to be played on Sundays. 

While we encourage players to participate in multiple sports, different sports and leagues have varying season start and end dates. There may be overlap between other spring or summer sports. While we aim to put 13 players on each roster, to cover conflicts like multiple sports and family vacations, if another sport will have a significant overlap with our baseball season, it not only creates issues for the family involved, but can adversely affect the team(s) of the player. Missing a significant number of practices causes players to be behind their teammates in knowledge and skill levels. Having a significant number of players absent for games could cause the team to have to forfeit games, for lack of enough players to legally field a team. Please reach out to Chris if you are unsure if the numbers and dates of expected absences would adversely affect the player or team(s). 720.353.0826 or cbaerns7@gmail.com 

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There are other Centennial baseball and softball leagues in states other than Colorado. This question is to make sure players are registering for the correct league.


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We will register you now and send you an email closer to the start of the season when payment is is required.

CYBSA Code of Conduct

First and foremost, Centennial baseball and softball are here for one purpose, the players on the field. All of elements of this Code of Conduct are to support this mission.

Players: Play the game                       Coaches: Coach the players                        Umpires: Call the game


Fans: Root on their team and refrain from any other role listed


  • I will support all coaches, as they are volunteering their time solely for my child’s enjoyment
  • I will support decisions made by my child’s coaches, regarding playing time, batting order, defensive positioning, and game decisions, in front of my child
  • I will not address my child’s coach regarding anything which occurred during a given game until 24 hours has passed, unless positive
  • I will inform my child’s coaches if my child will be absent or late, in a timely manner 
  • I will not argue any call made by an umpire, as I understand it is the coach’s responsibility 
  • I will not make any comments regarding an umpire’s call from the spectator areas
  • I will not blame an umpire for the outcome of a game or even a specific call, in front of my child
  • I understand that umpires are human beings and will make mistakes
  • I understand that umpires have no rooting interest and are there as an impartial arbiter
  • I will not address an umpire, on or off the field, unless it is to compliment or thank them
  • I will remember my child is playing baseball or softball for THEIR enjoyment, not mine
  • I will demonstrate sportsmanlike behavior and provide an exemplary example to not only my child, but all players within the league
  • I will promote and support the enjoyment of the sport for my child, above winning
  • I will not address anyone from an opposing team, player, coach, or fan, with anything but positive comments 
  • I will cheer for my child and team and never say anything against another player or team

I agree with and will follow all aspects of the CYBSA Code of Conduct. I understand this list is not exhaustive of everything which may violate the spirt of the Code of Conduct. I understand any violation of this could result in fines, suspension, or expulsion from CYBSA. 

Centennial Youth Baseball-Softball Association (CYBSA) has the following policy regarding refunds:

  • Registrations can be canceled and fully refunded, minus a $99.00 administrative fee, until the following dates for each program/division:
  • Spring/Summer Baseball and Softball: 15 March
  • Fall Baseball and Softball: 1 August
  • Registration cancelations after these dates, but before schedules or rosters are released will be refunded 50% of the division’s/program’s registration fee.
  • Registrations canceled after any part of the schedule or your roster is released for the division/program registered for, are non-refundable.

The reason for this policy is the league must pay for chartering, insurance, and other initial registration fees, immediately upon a player registering. The league pays fields, uniforms, equipment, and other items, per player registered, as of the close of the division/program registration window. Once schedules are released, all payments are made for the remainder of the expenses the league has, such as umpires, tournaments, field maintenance, etc. None of the league’s expenses are refunded to the league once they have been paid. By the time schedules are released, the full amount of money paid for each registration has been already allocated and committed to all the costs the league has for a given season. CYBSA doesn’t just keep the money from the registration, as the funds from all registrations have already been spent.

By registering with TeamLinkt, you commit to adhere to the refund policies, fees, and timelines set by your chosen organization or program. You commit not to initiate any chargebacks.  Deviations from this policy may result in the forfeiture of any refund.

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