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Spring/Summer Softball 2024 Coach Registration


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Spring/Summer Baseball 2024
Apr 1, 2024 to Jul 27, 2024
Regular Registration

This registration is for managers, assistant coaches, and team moms or dads. All registered managers, coaches, and team parents must complete a background check and abuse awareness training. This is requred to be completed prior to the beginning of the season. Managers and assistant coaches will also need to complete the Little League Diamond Leader Training and the CDC Heads Up Concussion Training Program. The concussion certificate must be done annually, per the State of Colorado, and cannot expire prior to the end of the current season. 

Registration Instructions for the coaches clinic:

Please read the following directions to help assist you in the sign-up process: 

1) Log in to Esoft Planner (Scheduling software) 

2) On the homepage right above the schedule, there are three buttons- “Rent a Location”,” Schedule Appointment” or “Sign up for Camp/Class.” Select the “Sign up for Camp/Class” option. 

3) Click “Camps/Classes' at the top, or you can click the plus sign at the top of the menu to expand it, and select the Instructional Camps and Clinics. 

4) Click the “Sign-Up” on the Centennial Youth Baseball and Softball Coaches Clinic button on the right side of the screen, and continue through to the checkout process.

If you are taking the coach training for the discounted registration for your player, you will need to be registered as a manager or coach prior to registering your player, to receive the discount. 

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Please select either manager (head coach), assistant coach, or team parent (team mom or team dad)
If unsure which division your player is in, take your best guess and it can be changed later, if needed.
Selecting no will make you ineligible to be a coach.


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We will register you now and send you an email closer to the start of the season when payment is is required.

CYBSA Coach Code of Conduct

As a coach I will:

  • Be responsible for my own behavior, my fellow coaches’ behavior, my team’s behavior, and my team's fan behavior
  • Study and fully understand the rules of the league, and encourage all players, coaches, and fans to abide by those rules
  • Teach the rules to my team 
  • Respect all league facilities and equipment
  • Respect the game, league, umpires, players, and opposing teams, and communicate with them in an appropriate manner
  • Leave the fields, dugouts, and spectator areas cleaner than I found them
  • Place the wellbeing of my players ahead of personal desire or external pressure to win
  • Ensure that all players are supervised by myself or another authorized member of my staff and will never allow any players to be left unattended or unsupervised at either a game or practice
  • Never knowingly permit an injured player to play without sufficient medical approval
  • Not allow players or siblings to climb on fences
  • Keep all players in the dugouts or on the field during the course of the game
  • Keep parents and siblings out of the dugouts and off the field during the course of the game
  • Promptly and fully read all communications from the league
  • Promptly disseminate to my families any pertinent information provided by the league
  • Continue to do everything I can to improve my own coaching skills
  • Not allow illegal or unsafe equipment to be used
  • Begin and end practice on time, unless permission from the families has been granted
  • Ensure all my players have the opportunity to advance their skills
  • Create an organized environment during my practices and games
  • Most importantly, make the sport of baseball fun for every player!

By registering with TeamLinkt, you commit to adhere to the refund policies, fees, and timelines set by your chosen organization or program. You commit not to initiate any chargebacks.  Deviations from this policy may result in the forfeiture of any refund.

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